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Daniel Negreanu knows poker, and thanks to his syndicated casino bonus, Playing casino with Daniel Negreanu, millions of readers each week across the USA and Canada are learning how to play the game of poker like a pro!

Daniel Negreanu, the all-time money winner on the professional casino bonus, in partnership with Card Shark Media, writes the most informative, entertaining and engaging weekly newspaper casino column with great bonus, specifically targeted to the huge and fast-growing home-game and internet poker markets.

According to Steven J. Miller, Card Shark Media’s President, Playing Poker with Daniel Negreanu is carried by 35 newspapers with combined daily circulation of four million casino bonus, including the Houston Chronicle, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Seattle Times, Detroit News, and the Toronto Sun. Smaller community newspapers, with circulation as low as 13,000 readers per day, also run Daniel Negreanu’s weekly casino bonus column.

“Newspapers that want to expand circulation and broaden their advertising base have discovered that the game of casino can deliver against both bonus,” stated Miller. “One thing is very clear: Casino bonus,  from novices to experts, want to learn the game from a bona fide poker professional -- not from a sports journalist. Daniel Negreanu is truly a free casino bonus superstar whose name recognition among players, casino bonus , and importantly, advertisers is unparalleled.” He then added, “Editors and advertising managers won’t simply buy a celebrity’s name. They demand well-written and informative content. Here, too, Daniel’s column delivers.”

The Houston Chronicle’s sports editor, Fred Faour, had this to say about Daniel Negreanu’s poker column: “We've been looking to add a poker column in the Houston Chronicle for some time, but we wanted to make sure we had the right person to do it. Our goal was to find a high-profile, easily recognizable player with a distinctive personality and style. We think we have that with Daniel Negreanu. His casino bonus is impeccable, and his columns are informative and entertaining.”

Another reason for the success of Daniel’s poker column is that he actively solicits feedback from his readers resulting in professional poker advice that specifically addresses the wants and needs of his casino bonus.

Daniel Negreanu is known for his aggressive style of play and his engaging personality. Among his major tournament victories are multiple wins at the World Series of Poker, the Five Diamond World Poker Classic, the Borgata World Poker Tour Championship, Championship Poker at the Plaza, and the Los Angeles Poker Classic. He was the 2004 consensus professional casino bonus of the year, earning the title of ESPN Player of the Year, World Poker Tour Player of the Year, and Card Player Magazine Player of the Year.

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